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COME TO GARRIGUS 164 (has no door tag after the championship but it’s across 163 lolz)

Spring meet-up part 2 is this SATURDAY (4/12) at 8PM!

Meet in the Garrigus game room!

Hope to see everyone there :)

Due to a few of us not being able to the attend the meetup this Saturday, we have decided to move it up to Saturday, April 12th. We apologize for the inconvenience and more details will come as we get closer to that date.

If anyone wants to watch the basketball game tomorrow at a bar and/or hang out Saturday night, let us know!

We sorry. Don’t hate us!



Since our last meetup was so much and so many people went, we were hoping we could meet again on Saturday, March 29th. 

Unless anyone has any other ideas, we will meet again in the Garrigus game room. We can order pizza or whatever food you prefer (edit: grab & go isn’t open on weekends, but there’s Putnam and the U nearby/don’t feel the need to order). 

As always, everyone is welcome to the “after party” 

Last time about 20-25 people went and it was awesome. A lot of us are graduating seniors so it would mean a lot to us if this were the biggest and best meetup thus far. 

We hope to see you there! 

Would people be interested in a meet-up March 29th or April 5th?

UConn Tumblr meetup part 2 after spring break? Yes?

Anonymous asked: there should be a meetup valentine's weekend for all us single people who don't like human interaction outside the tumblr world!

organize it and let us know when & where to be! 

ohneooo asked: I am sorry

Apology not accepted.


Date: Saturday / February 1st
Location: Garrigus Game Room (in the basement)
Time: 7PM
Plans: meet up in the game room, sing happy birthday to Joey, play games/watch tv/chill until 9, if you’re 21 then we sliz and go to Thirsty’s
Questions? Send us a message or reply to this post!

All are welcome, none are judged, love you see you there bye

What is everyone interested in doing on Saturday?! 

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